A Priceless Gift

Boreham shares a pricelss illustation in his essay entitled, Our Better Halves. In it he brought an account of two lepers who co-owned a small farm. The one had no feet; the other no hands, yet they made a beautiful crop together. The hands that sewed were borne on the back of the feet and legs of the other. This simplicity weaves the gentle idea of God’s beautiful picture of marriage.

I have often pondered the simplicity in which God’s Mind brought bone from bone, flesh from flesh. Its the ultimate ideation of completion, of being Very Good.  I stumble and fumble, struggling for the right words of tenderness that my children need at times, yet my bride knows just what to say. There are intricacies that I can never master, yet I know where to turn. I am most happy to be completed by her, yet its taken almost three decades to discover. I have grown to understand what Solomon meant when he said, whosoever findeth a wife, findeth a good thing.  Oh Lord thank you for my priceless gift, my Dora.


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