Oh! The Beauty With Struggle!


Alfred Russel Wallace, naturalist and social activist tells of his experience once upon observing an Emporer Moth as she was amidst breaking free of her cocoon. The creature appeared to struggle relentlessly with much effort. Thinking to play demigod he took his scapel and cut away the cocoon to free her. Thinking that he would offer succor to her, she became listless, and lethargic. Moreover, her wings were pale and did not offer the color and the beautiful and unique patterns towards the splendour of her species. At the time, the great man did not realize that her color pallet and décor were ordain by the Creator to be born out of her very struggle to break free. Their beautiful and uniqueness were from their capillaries breaking and staining their wings by their very struggle.
Do you know that we are carefully and painfully marked and painted by our struggle? Our unique beauty is skillfully crafted by our failures and our crashes. Imagine how less beautiful a life that Mother Theresa of Calcutta would have lived had she had not flung herself amidst the lepers? Nor be Edison’s toiled failures for his first bulb?
People must suffer in development; we must allow them to feel the bumps and bruises of their tenderfooted trials until they grow from glory to glory. We tear and of want rush to rescue but dear one, let them be. Let them grow and be forged by the fiery trials of venture.
What are some ways that you use opportunity to teach and succor during trials without interfering?


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