Sharing our Luggage – Value of Teamwork!

UntitledThere is a Christian principle that will bring tremendous merit to our vocational life. The art and discipline of bearing one another’s burdens. Oft, we marvel at our little burdens; it is innate. Little children collect things and carry them around the house. Thomas Guthrie tells in his autobiography how as young lads they would delight to bound out to the village roads to carry the rifles of the soldiers on the march to meet Napolean, staggering in the summer heat. The haggered and weary soldiers would delight to cede their burdens even for a little bit.
No matter the role, we all have luggage to carry at times. Team members must learn to share the load for the greater good. While this is largely present in new start-ups, where people’s very existence depends upon sharing the load, it may become a spectre of yesterday once the wheels begin churning out the bread, the ideas, the widgets. Don’t forget our lessons from sharing our luggage….of sharing our burdens. Remember that teamwork and burden-sharing are a part of brilliant success.


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