Embrace Pain!


When I was a young emerging engineer I used to lament the complex problems that I had to face each day.  I found myself deferring problems and facing the easier tasks. One day, I awoke and realized to myself, “Crow, they hired you to solve these problems”. It was a real epiphany.  John C. Maxwell, leadership penned this small article entitle, “The Value of Appreciating Problems”

Maxwell writes, when you hear the word problem is your emotional response positive? Probably not. Appreciating a problem is counter intuitive for many people. Most people see a problem as a nuisance and try to avoid it. However, if we have the right attitude and appreciate a problem, not only will we work harder to solve it, but we will also learn and grow from it.

Problems always bring opportunities, and opportunities always bring problems. The two go hand in hand. If we can learn to appreciate that truth, we have a real advantage in life.

A fantastic illustration of the benefits of adversity can be seen in the way an eagle meets the challenge of turbulent winds.

* Turbulent winds cause the eagle to fly higher. There is tremendous lifting power in the thermal updrafts of turbulent winds. These updrafts cause the eagle to reach great heights as he soars with them.

Embrace your problems!!!!!


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  1. Batrepreneur says:

    I like the eagle metaphor..
    Would be happy if you could give a look at my latest entrepreneur site and let me know what you think.

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