On Sustaining Through Judgment

UntitledWe survive piercing glances and arrows of words by being totally commited to our something, whatever it is. When we strip away our egos and awash ourselves with honesty and transparency and we are fully understood by others it matters not what they say and feel. Our total commitment begins with our convictions of clarity when we are rightly heading towards a cause. When we can zealously pursue through the barbs of adversity, we have but one response at night: take sleep soul and rest well for we are winnowing through; other souls will catch up when they catch the vision. If not, they are on the wrong train.


About sherrellcrow

Christian Coach, Thinker, Catalyst and Creative Consort
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One Response to On Sustaining Through Judgment

  1. Jim Bradrick says:

    I had wondered if you where a philosopher. Good post. Short, to the point and says a whole bunch with those few words. Thanks

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