Balance Your Life for Supercharged Results!

UntitledI am as driven as an individual as a muscle car on Saturday night! If you know me, you would attest that I get focused and laser towards goals and I execute with ferocity. Sometimes I am zealous to a fault. If I need anything in my life at times, it is to be reminded that I must exercise balance. When we don’t balance our lives, we become tilted and out of synch. Frankly, we need to practice good mental health and achieve some understanding of where we are and who we are in this world. Here are tend areas of fitness which if practiced can help us maintain healthy areas of life fitness and give us an edge that we need:

10 Areas of Life Fitness

1. Live By Your Core Values (Spiritual Fitness) – Begin each day by stating out loud, the one or two values that you want to emulate. For me, its spending time reading and studying the Bible and spending time in prayer; orient your life. Life is bigger than me and you; stay grounded.

2. Practice Physical Exercise (Physical Fitness) – Perform a regular practice of doing something physical which makes you feel more capable of living in light of those values. It may be working out to build strength or endurance. It may be practicing flexibility and stretching; saunas and hot tubs or hot baths can help relax you and give you the occasional physical treat.

3. Keep a positive outlook (Possibility Fitness) Hope abounds when we recognize possibilities; they invigorate and provide fuel for our motivational engine. Don’t defer hope; look for the good even if you’re circumstances are bad right now.

4. Identify What Isn’t Working (Cleansing Fitness) Allow yourself to identify what isn’t working in your life; what’s broken. If they are systems or areas of poor performance, fix them or get rid of them-this is just good business. If it is personal relationships, take the necessary measures to mend them. Keep short accounts with people; souls are of value because they have infinite worth. If you cannot reconcile them, find a way to shield yourself from the negative situation in the case of family or close friends, while recognizing their value. If it is an employee, separate them with grace.

5. Sharing Is Tantamount (Giving Fitness) Share from your bountiful resources with those who are in need. It may not necessarily be financial resources; oftentimes lending your time is adequate to meet needs. Remember the law of sowing and reaping; it comes back. Make life on earth a little easier for as many as you can. Remember not to kill the goose that lays those golden eggs!

6. Remember You Are Not Alone (Connection Fitness) – Network with people; identify those who can and will become your partners or supporters throughout life. Find a coach to help you navigate business growth or to take you through obstacles. Please invest healthy time with your family! They need you there for their own connection and warmth. You spell love for your family with one word T-I-M-E. Remember past and present mentors whom you may draw inspiration. Memorialize relatives or mentors who have passed on, but on whom you look to for wisdom by asking yourself, “what would they have done”.

7. Balance your Diet (Intake Fitness) Take time for a balanced diet where you can feel fit and have energy. Some advise to occasionally eat a meal for sake of making yourself feel special, and worthy of the success you most deeply desire. Share meals with friends and make sure that you each share something that thing you accomplished during the previous week. Sometimes “pot lucks” between friends are cheap but very meaningful to build our personal community and bonds.

8. Express Gratitude (Gracious Fitness) Whether privately, in prayer, to another person, or in a corporate setting, expressing thankfulness for what you already have is healthy; it puts things in perspective. Before each day ends, tell your family or friends of your gratitude. Be grateful to God.

9. Keep Your Head Up (Positive Fitness) – Dwell on evidence of where things are going well for others in the world. Reflecting on their success can bring you joy, and can inspire you to be more successful. Looking on the accomplishments of others with joy destroys jealousy and envy which are not healthy.

10. Think Good Thoughts (Thought Fitness) – Before closing your eyes at the end of the day, focus on one hope that you have for tomorrow. If you can hope it, you can work toward it. And if you can work toward it, even if it never happens, it’s amazing how many good things will.

Where do you need to find balance? Are you investing in these areas? What do you need to change today? You can supercharge your life by achieving balance.


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