What is Your Emotional Advantage?

testa>I am on the tail end of the “boomers” and have been a witness to multitudinous changes in the world. Very few in the work-a-day world remember rotary-dial phones. Growing up in the south, I can also remember telephone party lines; no, not political lines of operation but those austere systems where you shared a telephone line with your neighbors.
You know every generation has witnessed tremendous changes in technology. In his book “Mindsteps to the Cosmos”, Gerald S. Hawkins explained his notion of ‘mindsteps’, dramatic and irreversible changes to paradigms or world views. In it Hawkins identified five distinct mindsteps in human history, and the technology that accompanied these new world views: the invention of imagery, writing, mathematics, printing, the telescope, rocket, radio, TV, and the computer. “Each one”, he said, “takes the collective mind closer to reality, one stage further along in its understanding of the relation of humans to the cosmos.” His point is that with each evolutionary invention, it changes the reality of future generations. Does anyone below the age of thirty remember when cellular phones were not commonplace?
The current generation continually witnesses unprecedented changes in technology and as such keeps us in the constant need to keep up with the latest. One thing that does not change though is the need to connect with people. In business, you can outsource anything. Need a graphic design, cast your requirement on the net and you can have hundreds vying for your business, and have something generated in hours. Need an engineering drawing produced; you can outsource it to Asia and have a drawing generated very quickly at a fraction of the cost of a domestic firm. One thing that you cannot outsource is the emotional and meaningful connection that a human with great customer service skills and empathetic understanding can bring to bear. Give me someone that connects, that can intersect fulfillment with need and its better than any rainmaker!
Leading industry consultants recognize five Emotional Quotient (measures of emotional intelligence), that could help you understand how such affects your business, while helping you and your team members gain an edge to make a difference in the world.
Intrapersonal Skills
1. Self-Awareness – How to recognize and understand your moods, emotions and drives; how they effect on others and how to change or leverage this.
2. Self-Regulation – How to control or re-direct destructive impulses and moods and the inclination towards suspending judgment; how to think before acting.
3. Motivation – A passion to work for reasons that go beyond money and status and to capitalize on these to pursue goals with vigor and determination.
Interpersonal Skills
4. Social Skills – A proficiency in managing relationships and building networks.
5. Empathy – The ability to understand the emotional makeup of other people

How is your Emotional Quotient? How about your team members? How can you steps to identify these today? Take the steps to revolutionize your understanding to gain the emotional advantage.


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