Bright and Shiny Stumbling – 4 Steps for Success!

Are you enamored with the bright and shiny, like stars twinkling in the desert sky? Do you have what some pundits call the “Bright and Shiny Object Syndrome”? This is a condition in any endeavor where we become awestruck with people’s successes, or we get carried away with new gadgetry or any string of operational successes performed by others until they mesh and take off! Okay, I admit it, it’s exciting to see new and edgy things; it is fun to see innovation pay off and people becoming successful with great idea launches. It is great to draw inspiration and motivation from these and fantastic to allow such visions of hope to motivate us and keep our enthusiastic fires burning!

Truth be told, it is easy to be distracted by such fanfare, rather than to be occupied with the day-to-day goals towards fulfilling our objectives. It is almost guaranteed that if we become over-sated with the wander of other’s accomplishments we will languish amidst our dreams and become nothing more than wisps in the wind, blown away with the pastime of distraction from the commonplace; we will fail because of the bright and the shiny. As we alit to earth, it is wise to ask ourselves honestly, are these stories or accoutrements adding to or detracting from our glidepath towards success?
Oh, ye star-struck ones, take heart and be focused like a laser beam in the night! Here are four steps that can help you get focused and drive your way to success.

1. Take stock. Remember your giftedness, your knowledge, your skills, ability and art. Nobody can paint that canvass like you! Recommit to success and ask yourself, are my goals clear now, or do I need to gain clarity? What is one actionable thing that I can do today to take steps toward achieving even a small victory? Perhaps it’s building a relationship, getting focused on some tactics of your business endeavor!
2. Get a coach. You may have a good grasp on your dreams, strengths and art, but sometimes we need some help muddling through all of the tactical spaghetti that may slow progress. A coach can help you connect your vision with goals and objectives and help you create an action plan. They can help you gain clarity on marketing, technology, life balance and making the correct investments of time and financial resources to get the most traction towards success.
3. Join a mastermind group. Building personal connections can fan the flames of creativity and bring new knowledge on how to accomplish steps to success. There is something about a personal relationship that connects us to the now!
4. Get laser! Stay focused and drive to success!

Are there things that are distracting you? What are the bright shiny objects that are occupying your time?


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