Are You Going it Alone? Lets Grow

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Invictus proclaimed, “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”. So goes the adventurous spirit of the self-made man. We praise and laud the entrepreneur, who by blood and soil risk all to launch, crash and overcome. After all, a new start is neither for the timid and meek nor for the naïve. We put much investment into encouraging people with an idea and a plan to launch! That’s good, but the audacious spirit must come around to realizing that going it alone lacks the full capacity and potential for greatness. You must have extraordinary support.
In his treaties on the Evolution of Language, Drummond draws upon a foundational principle; the animal world recognizes cooperation. By their nature animals form tribes and groups; they instinctively recognize that the power and synergy of the many is infinitely greater than the whole of the one. The weak are bolstered by the presence of the strong, the strong are aided by the eyes of the weak to assist in recognizing danger.
Who is in your tribal family? When hiring people to extend your reach and bring you to a place where you can continue to cast vision and explore new ideas it is good to keep in mind some steps.
1. Hire slow but fire quickly; don’t hire out of desperation. Remember finding someone who will fit your culture, support and extend your brand may take some time. It is something you must carefully think through to avoid hiring disasters because you were desperate to press an initiative. You will waste precious resources in the long run if you hire the wrong person. If team members are not a good fit, treat them fairly but separate them quickly. Remember to respect them as individuals. Never make it personal, they are just not a good fit in your context.
Danny Wong, Co-founder of Black Label Group shares these other three suggestions.
2. Ask Questions that Matter. When hiring ask questions to allow them to demonstrate how they can bring value and ideas to your context. Think through your objectives of the role that you want them to play and be smart about the questions that you tailor.
3. Allow them to Work Remotely. If practical, don’t tie them to a desk in your work place. Their quality of life is extended by not being tied up in traffic and worrying about buying the “office-savvy” wardrobe. They will be graded and paid based on results if you’re smart and there is plenty of technology today that links us all into a virtual office.
4. Put Them to the Test. In order to optimize your time, and ensure you’re properly vetting all of your candidates. Rather than having to choose between all of them at once, you can easily implement test runs with multiple candidates to see who can actually walk the walk. You can do a two-week or even one month trial period with a few candidates and see if they survive the way your business operates. Many candidates look good on paper, but never make it past the on-boarding process. Other candidates may never be able to provide the output you were expecting because their MBA never gave them the real-world experience they needed to actually create value.

Have you become another employee in your business? Don’t fall into the rut of the tactics and mechanics of the everyday, instead look to grow your enterprise by adding to your team and do so in a strategic way.

What have you got to do to grow your team and add value to your endeavor? What is an actionable step that you can take now to begin to add to your family?


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  1. blueskiesb says:

    A great way to look at your business. I’m just now learning the ins and outs of the basics of ‘entrepreneurship’ – I invite you to take a look at my own journey here –

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