The Remarkable Service of Sammy

Photos of Gwennies Old Alaska Restaurant, Anchorage
This photo of Gwennies Old Alaska Restaurant is courtesy of TripAdvisor

If you go to Gwennies’ Old Alaska Restaurant in Anchorage you will likely see an enthusiastic employee of over twenty-five years named Sammy. I recently heard a friend speak and he related his story of how he witnessed Sammy’s endearing, friendly and excellent interactions with restaurant patrons. He was fascinated with Sammy’s attention to the smallest details of service. He would cheerfully walk around and pick up trash from the floor, he was very attentive to people’s needs. Sammy wasn’t a leading man, he wasn’t a head waiter nor the head steward. He was a mere table bus person. I suspect that this valued emissary commanded a high level of respect by his bosses.
Listen, you give me a single Sammy and I can turn an experience into a dynamite transaction. In my mind, this guy deserves a large salary because of the value he brings this business. Can you be a Sammy in your role, whatever it is? Can you knock it out of the park with remarkable service? Whatever your value proposition, you can be impeccable! Now go be remarkable!


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