Embrace Your Schoolmaster, Failure!

Many of us have to overcome the tapes playing in our heads about failures in childhood or in our young adult years. If we grew up in a negative environment, it can be difficult to overcome the dins of noise that clank around in our soul. You may carry specters of these poisons, but you don’t have to let them run you like a machine. You can turn them around and shape them into pillars of strength where they become an engine to propel you to victory! You can redefine them and look at failure as a schoolmaster to simply show you new ways of accomplishing your goals. In his book “Failing Forward”, John Maxwell says “the difference between average people and achieving people is their perception and response to failure”.

Stop having a pity party, and move in directions of success! Remember one thing that we can be sure of is that in life every human, topside of the earth has failure in common. Here are seven principles to reshape failure, listen to your schoolmaster and grow:

Lesson 1. Don’t take failure personally as if it is a character flaw! It will happen, remember Edison and his 1000 attempts at the light bulb? People who achieve embrace rejection. Some say that in business you will have ten failures before one success. Why not just fast-forward the ten and get to the one?

Lesson 2. Failure is temporary; don’t get stuck. It’s not a permanent state of being…it is fleeting. Remember that!

Lesson 3. Failure is a single event, not a lifestyle! Stop. Learn. Grow!

Lesson 4. Be realistic, genuine success takes time! I am the most impatient person that I know so I have to tell myself, it’s a marathon, not a sprint! Overnight success is the exception and often the one-hit wonders crash pretty fast!

Lesson 5. Focus on what you do well, hone your skills, focus your strengths like a laser beam and achieve your objectives much faster.

Lesson 6. Creatively solve problems. I once thought, I hate problems, until I realized that my organization hired me to solve problems! Remember to turn your problems on their ear, explore solutions in multiple ways to capitalize on efficiency and get to great faster!

Lesson 7. Bounce back by recognizing failure for what it is; a temporary opportunity to get to great faster!

How are your responding to failure? Are you in the mire? If so, drop me a line for some quick and free encouragement!


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