What is your Aesthetic?

What is your Aesthetic?
Beautiful and unique experiences are memorable. Do you remember the first time that you experienced a beautifully arranged piece of music? What about some exquisite work of art? I remember the births of each of my children. I also remember the first time that my oldest daughter sang an operatic song and I was moved beyond words. Perhaps you witnessed a natural wonder like the Grand Canyon or a majestic whale rising out of the ocean. Who can forget the smells of Thanksgiving or the laughter of family upon reunion for the holidays? I remember my Aunt’s yeast rolls rising and pregnant with smell on those Thanksgiving morns. I remember the first time that I heard beautifully blended music in deep rich and high quality stereo sound. Frankly, we are moved by these experiences; we are often transported back to these events in our memories with specters of delight. They bring us to place of security and calm or to experience rich rewarding feelings.
Does your work or business reflect an aesthetic? Do your or clients experience the deep beauty or richness from transactions with you? Are you being remarkable with what you bring? Are you creating value at each transaction that makes your customer stand up and take note that you’re delivering more than gadgets or service? If not, you are missing something that could win them for life.
Why not examine how your business could create an aesthetic for your clients? Imagine your client walking into your showroom or your place of business and being embraced by an astounding experience that somehow appeals to the five senses. Perhaps you arrange for a day to appeal to the most powerful sense, the sense of smell. Perhaps you can experiment with different fragrances; Mom’s Apple Pie, or Desert Cactus. What about catering a really cool and delicious meal; appeal to taste? How about some beautiful music? You may say to me “Crow, how can I possibly do this in my business, its x or y?” The answer is only your imagination can discern what experiences that you want to create to bring a deeper client experience, whether you’re a bricks and mortar operation, a mobile or a web-based enterprise.
How about this? How about getting into a position where you can think and discern what kind of emotions or experiences do I want to create for my client? Is it tactile, is it expressive? When you discover the memories that you want to evoke you can imagine ways to create a better environment, or experience for your clientele. How can you create a memorable experience that will keep them coming back? What is your aesthetic?


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