Live Your Own Dream!

Premise No. 4: Entrepreneurship is a life concept, not just a business concept. There are two approaches to life. One is to buy the “paint by numbers kit” and stay within the lines. The other is to start with a blank canvas and try to paint a masterpiece. You can be an entrepreneur without starting a company, by creating a path uniquely designed to you.
We are not meant to be disjointed souls which operate in different compartments of life, rather are created with unique abilities and talents which are inextricably linked to our very being. We are like God’s masterpieces, and when we live in discontinuity we violate the interwoven colors and become blurred visions of his creation. When we discover our purpose and vocation designed and shaped from birth we echo the exact music and our lives are more like the rich tapestry that God intended.
It’s amazing that such simplicity of gift alignment is not so easily discerned today. I believe that certainly our life experiences shape us and the context of our lives contribute. I further believe that we are also products of society; family ideals demand a certain path, we are drawn towards careers based on college majors; after all we don’t want “to waste the money”. I’ve known professionals who were astoundingly miserable; attorneys, accountants and others who were in the industry because of some notion that the income would be sufficient to bring satisfaction. Really? I have also known mechanics, retail people and others who were equally dissatisfied but because they feel since their job experience is limited, their choices are limited. Sadly, these people all life suffer from the same thing; they are externally focused. They don’t know God’s masterpiece inside them yet.
When we first start to put a magnifying glass (actually it should be clear) inside our soul to discover what matters most to us, and when we examine our values, dreams and passions, then we examine the skills which are linked with these passions, we begin to reframe our notion of who we are, we discover the intricate parts of the tapestry and we get a clearer path. We then link an action plan and provide zealous motivation to live these out. This tactic explodes into what becomes a whole life-strategy for success. Then when we focus that success to help others, the resources we need will flow out of that. We then begin to build a richly meaningful life. How you ask? By living the way God intended, inside our passionate expression of his gifts. Others cannot help but be inspired and moved by this because it resonates. When we get to this place, it becomes so effortless to align the rest of our life with it; there will be no different stovepipes. Every facet of our life will radiate from our authenticity!
Are you committed to looking inward to discover how God made you? What steps can you take today to get you closer to being an authentic soul?


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2 Responses to Live Your Own Dream!

  1. Jim says:

    While I would not clothe the concept in the words that you chose I do agree with your basic premise. The process which you call ‘looking inward’ I would characterize as meditation and self discovery. I’ve found that meditation and journaling set mental processes into motion that can be truly life transforming if there is desire to change. And that I’ve found is the very first prerequisite, the burning desire to change. Thanks for putting into words something that I’m passionate about.

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