Soar with Song

There is an a story that illustarates a powerful message. Its the story of an eagle and a turkey who were soaring along one day. They spotted a beautiful meadow which was lush below and they landed adjacent to a pasture. They spotted a cow who was munching away on some hay; they exclaimed, “say, that looks like some good food”! “Sure”, the cow said, we just stand around all day and they feed us”. The eagle exclaimed, that sure sounds like a cool deal”. The turkey, munching on some corn in the yard with the chickens, said, “yeah, why should be wearily fly around all day to find our food when we can stand here and lie about for a free meal?” Months, passed and the eagle grew tired of the mundane. He told the turkey, “why should we continue here? I feel the need to fly and soar again.” The turkey was beside himself, “man, go but I’m being told that some scraps are coming from the big yearly feast, and besides I tried to fly, but I’ve gained some weight and can’t seem to muster it”. The eagle soared away, saying goodbye to his friend. The turkey stayed around and enjoyed the food for a few more days, until Thanksgiving eve!

The power here is that the eagle discovered that he was meant to soar. He was created to fly high; it was his passion, it was God’s gift. When we live a life that is not authentic to us, we betray how we are created. God empowers us with talents and gifts, and its a powerful thing to live in those. It is a like a symphony and when we play the music of our gifts, people are inspired and we touch lives and move people with our passion. It is only when we discover our gifts and how God made us do we unleash the symphony of our lives!

Have you discovered your music, your passion, your gifts? Are you ready to discover them? You can soar with song!

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One Response to Soar with Song

  1. I’m all in with this concept! Great words! is all about making music with our lives, family, and business.

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